For Financial Advisors

A Different Investment Approach

Clients today are looking for more than a stock tip. Financial advisors have had to increase their concentration of customer service and creating a trusting relationship with their clients. As such, it has become increasingly difficult to manage clients’ money as well as the relationship.

Sentinel Capital Solutions can help.

We offer active tactical management to you and your clients through Separately Managed Accounts and our SCS Tactical Allocation mutual fund. By allowing Sentinel to take part in your financial plan, you allow yourself more time to focus on your client’s needs.

Let us do what we do best so you can focus on what you do best.

The Sentinel Capital Philosophy

Sentinel was established on the concept that providing downside risk protection and participating in the upside equity markets will result in a better bottom line for our investors. Our first goal is to consistently beat zero, with the secondary long-term goal of providing returns to rival those of equity portfolios. We do not expect to hit every peak or avoid every low point in the market, nor do we need to. By limiting overall volatility and therefore downward swings, we are able to prevent the portfolio from needing to recoup large losses. This means that future gains will be made on comparatively high principle value allowing small percentage gains to notably impact the bottom line.

Our Three-Step Process For Portfolio Building

Step 1 – Determining Overall Allocation

The ratio of equity to fixed income is determined based on Sentinel’s proprietary formula, which uses a measure of investor confidence to indicate how much equity exposure is appropriate at any one time. Why investor confidence? Because, in general, the markets are not logical. They are heavily influenced by the media and by the emotions that occur as a result. So through adjustments to overall allocation based on these emotions, we are able to use this often-frustrating variable to our advantage.

Step 2 – Diversifying Among Industries

It may be that when money is tight, you will not buy the new big screen television that you have been coveting, but most people will continue to buy toothpaste. When your income rises, you might buy a new car rather than repair your old one. In every market environment, there are winners and losers. By making industry allocation an integral step of the investment process, we are more easily able to avoid those industries that are out of favor due to regulatory or market conditions and concentrate on value at yet another level.

Step 3 – Selecting Individual Securities

When it comes to making individual selections, we are not looking for the next big winner. From equities to fixed income, we seek value in each security. This is key to providing our investors with consistent growth without added volatility. We also limit the number of individual equity holdings in the portfolio at any one time. That way, you can be assured that we are choosing only those companies in which we have the upmost confidence.

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